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Calligraphy Styles

Calligraphy Styles


As Beautiful a Wedding Invitation

As with every piece of stationery I set to mark, I first visualize which calligraphy style to use.

Beautiful Wedding Invitation beautiful wedding invitation

Calligraphy Event Invitations

This piece I completed for a law firm event. Jewelry not included :).

Calligraphy Event Invitations calligraphy event invitations

Photogenic Calligraphy Invitation

The picture of this invitation I hope is able to transmit a feeling of elegance.

Calligraphy Invitation calligraphy invitation

Unique Calligraphy Invitations

Individual calligraphy invitations make your event all the more yours.

calligraphy invitations calligraphy invitations

Why a Calligraphy Lettering Service?

A close up to emphasize my lettering potential.

calligraphy lettering service calligraphy lettering service

Calligraphy RSVP

You should include an RSVP card in the invitation. This is from scratch.

calligraphy rsvp calligraphy rsvp

A Quality Calligraphy Service

The length of the tails on these letters is of course adaptable to different tastes.

calligraphy service calligraphy service

Calligraphy Invitations for Rehearsal Dinner

It is a smart aspect to create beautiful invitations for even just the rehearsal dinner.

dinner invitations calligraphy dinner invitations calligraphy

Convinced to go with Handwritten Invitations?

There are many kinds of stationery to choose from, and handwritten calligraphy will set the bar high for the wedding.

handwritten invitations handwritten invitations

Sizing Handwritten Calligraphy Invitations

You can have inserts in the invitations themselves for a more entertaining invitation.

invitations handwritten calligraphy invitations handwritten calligraphy

Old English Calligraphy

For some couples, the true elegance of posterity they desire is one of historic quality orthography.

old english calligraphy old english calligraphy

Old English Wedding Calligraphy

Old English lettering is some of the most attractive calligraphy to the eye.

old english wedding calligraphy old english wedding calligraphy

A True Wedding Calligraphy Service

The mark-up of pen and velvet is meant to incite passion for something tangible from a human hand.

wedding calligraphy service wedding calligraphy service

Can you Imagine Wedding Invitation Calligraphy?

Even the keenest planner agrees that the beauty of wedding calligraphy cannot be overestimated.

wedding invitation calligraphy wedding invitation calligraphy

Wedding Invitations

Light and dark, the feel of ink on paper is truer when humanly applied.

wedding invitations wedding invitations

Calligraphy for Anniversary Invitations

Whether it's a wedding or an anniversary, decorating an invite with calligraphy shows your care.

anniversary invitation calligraphy anniversary invitation calligraphy

Calligraphy for Birthday Invites

Presenting invitees with calligraphy shows a level of class that foretells of the event's splendor.

birthday invite calligraphy birthday invite calligraphy

Christmas Card Service

If you have a Christmas Card in mind and want it done in print, we can collaborate together as I also provide this service.

christmas card service christmas card service

Dinner Invitation Calligraphy

Offer guests a hint at the kind of taste they can expect at the wedding or reception dinner.

dinner invitation calligraphy dinner invitation calligraphy

Graduation Invitation Calligraphy

Throwing a celebratory party for your graduating child? Make them all the more proud by showing how much you care--calligraphy!

graduation invitation calligraphy graduation invitation calligraphy

Graduation Invitation

Graduation invites can be truly creative to match the occasion.

graduation invitation graduation invitation


Beautiful Wedding Calligraphy on an Envelope

You want that your guests feel immediately enthralled in your ceremony from the first word heard.

beautiful wedding calligraphy beautiful wedding calligraphy

Calligraphy Addressing

There are many different styles of calligraphy to choose from.

calligraphy addressing calligraphy addressing

A Simple Calligraphy Envelope

Sometimes simplicity is the aptest of choices.

calligraphy envelope calligraphy envelope

The Impeccable Pen Calligraphy Wedding Envelopes

With the bracelet the work is made almost tangible.

calligraphy wedding envelopes calligraphy wedding envelopes

Elegant Calligraphy

Long or short tails, flourishing, symmetry or no; all combine to create a unique identity.

elegant calligraphy elegant calligraphy

This is Envelope Wedding Calligraphy

The envelope itself is a choice the bride must make, and the difference could be night and day.

envelope wedding calligraphy envelope wedding calligraphy

An Envelope with Calligraphy... easy to pick out from the rest. Dazzle them.

envelope with calligraphy envelope with calligraphy

The Envelope

At The Impeccable Pen, there is a lust for passionate rendering on the most suitable of envelopes.

envelope envelope

Calligraphy on the Envelope Insert

Matching envelope with letter is a welcome practice, as your guests' first impression is the invite.

envelope insert calligraphy envelope insert calligraphy

Why Handwritten Calligraphy Envelopes?

Even the thick grains of a texture stationery to break the ink brings a sense of uniqueness to its recipient.

handwritten calligraphy envelopes handwritten calligraphy envelopes

Handwritten Calligraphy... machine printed invitations any day of the week.

handwritten calligraphy handwritten calligraphy

...and handwritten envelopes...

...beat machine-printed envelopes any second of the day.

handwritten envelopes handwritten envelopes

Expect Stylized Calligraphy

You decide how we stylize your calligraphy; you are the grand artificer.

stylized calligraphy stylized calligraphy

How Many Wedding Calligraphy Envelopes?

At The Impeccable Pen, the only limit is time. With fair warning, no project is too large.

wedding calligraphy envelopes wedding calligraphy envelopes

Finalized Wedding Envelopes

Like a garnish, the finishing touches bring your invite to life.

wedding envelopes wedding envelopes

Calligraphy on Black and White Envelope

The subtleties of contrast allow a piece of handwritten calligraphy to dominate an envelope.

black and white envelope calligraphy black and white envelope calligraphy

Envelope with Creative Calligraphy

Sometimes calligraphy needs to be more creative, and fun.

creative calligraphy envelope creative calligraphy envelope

Calligraphy Envelope

Here's another envelope dress in the graces of handwritten words.

envelope in calligraphy envelope in calligraphy

Poems & Quotes

Calligraphy Decrees

I will complete any job, such as this list of decrees.

calligraphy decree calligraphy decrees

Premium Calligraphy Event Services

It is important to adhere to a high standard of professionalism at The Impeccable Pen.

calligraphy event services calligraphy event services

Calligraphy Life Quote

One of the most popular demands for calligraphy, I also create custom lettering of select quotes.

calligraphy life quote calligraphy life quote

A Poem in Calligraphy

Poems are rendered especially divine with a bit of calligraphic touching up.

calligraphy poem calligraphy poem

Calligraphy Transcriptions

If you have a poem in mind, it's just a matter of deciding how you wish it to be presented.

calligraphy transcription calligraphy transcription

Extravagant Calligraphy

This project was one-of-a-kind; ironic, attractive, commissioned.

extravagant calligraphy extravagant calligraphy

A Poem in Calligraphy

The point cannot be further pressed: the beauty of poetry and that of calligraphy go hand-in-hand.

poem in calligraphy poem in calligraphy

Calligraphy Poem

Stylized initial letters in a poem written in calligraphy create a sense of place.

calligraphy poem calligraphy poem

Quotes in Calligraphy

Sometimes the most appropriate way to immortalize a favorite quote is to make it grandiose.

quotes in calligraphy quotes in calligraphy

Wedding Vow Calligraphy

...the same goes for wedding vows--why not calligraphitize it.

wedding vow calligraphy wedding vow calligraphy

A Day Without Coffe is like a Day Without Coffee

Have a memorable quote? Contact me to put it into writing keepsake.

a day without coffee a day without coffee is like a day without coffee

Best Calligraphy Service

I will put my all into your project.

best calligraphy service best calligraphy service

Calligraphy with a Drawing

I enjoy adding little doodles and drawings, and if I come up with something you like, we can negotiate to add it on to your project.

calligraphy with drawing calligraphy with drawing

Gaelic Prayer

Here's one of my favorite old gaelic prayers, put into calligraphy and sitting on my credenza.

gaelic prayer gaelic prayer

Quote about Gardening

No project is too small, evening this quote about gardening.

gardening quote gardening quote

James Joyce's Love Poem

This poem should be duplicated as many times as possible, so that it lasts, it's so beautiful.

james joyce love poem

Place Cards

Calligraphy Card Ornamenting

When creating place cards with calligraphy, often the colors of the envelope and style of letters go well with props.

calligraphy card ornament calligraphy card ornament

Calligraphy Handwriting

Simple names rendered in style make the guest feel like a true invitee.

calligraphy handwriting calligraphy handwriting

Calligraphy Place Cards

Or, keep them simple.

calligraphy place cards calligraphy place cards

Calligraphy Table Place Set

Choose to match the name and table styles, or code them accordingly for a unique wedding experience.

calligraphy table place set calligraphy table place set

Flower Place Card Calligraphy

The Impeccable Pen can work with any stationery. Save time and money if you so choose with a prefab card.

flower place card calligraphy flower place card calligraphy

Wedding Reception Calligraphy

...but, of course, original is best.

wedding reception calligraphy wedding reception calligraphy

Place Card Calligraphy

I have a few place card examples, here's one.

place card calligraphy place card calligraphy

Example of Calligraphy Place Cards

Combine calligraphy with the right stationery, table cloth and lighting to really set the mood of your event.

calligraphy place card example calligraphy place card example

Wedding Place Cards - Example

With a little light ambiance the place cards' worth is accentuate.

wedding placecard example wedding placecard example

Example of a Wedding Table Setting

When the scene is set in radiant creams, everyone knows the wedding will be beautiful.

wedding table setting example wedding table setting example


Beautiful Calligraphy Certificate

To mark the occasion when you succeed in something, a standard of excellence ought to be rendered in excellent form.

beautiful calligraphy certificate beautiful calligraphy certificate

Beautiful Handwritten Certificate

A handwritten certificate is to printed certificates as live music is to lip-syncing.

beautiful handwritten certificate beautiful handwritten certificate

Handwritten Calligraphy

For the best wall of ego, why not use handwritten calligraphy?

best handwritten calligraphy best handwritten calligraphy

Calligrapher's Certificates

A pen the tool, the project a pleasure.

calligrapher certificates calligrapher certificates

Certificates in Calligraphy

...such as a judge's commendation, bring the prestige to bear.

calligraphy certificate calligraphy certificate

Calligraphy Commendation

The time they took to earn your certificate gives them the right to a special rendering.

calligraphy commendation calligraphy commendation

Chicago Calligraphy Certificate

Here is an example of a client in Chicago, pleased with a full rendering of their certificate.

certificate calligraphy certificate calligraphy

Really, Certificate Calligraphy?


chicago calligraphy certificate chicago calligraphy certificate

How Gorgeous a Certificate?

Between the layout, words, and style, I am confident in final products.

gorgeous certificates gorgeous certificates

Handwritten Certificates

...a photo at an angle...that's how most people look at work anyway.

handwritten certificates handwritten certificates

Judges Certificate

A professional degree deserves a professional's work.

judges certificate judges certificate

Certification in Calligraphy

I have some 30 years of experience, in case you wanted to know.

certification in calligraphy certification in calligraphy

Certificate Handwriting Service

Just a peek Calligraphy is an elegant thing susceptible to its context, so why not make it come alive?

certificate handwriting service certificate handwriting service

Calligraphy for a Teacher's Certificate

I have done certificates for all sorts of professions, especially teachers. Calligraphy sets an achievement in beauty and timelessness.

teacher certificate calligraphy teacher certificate calligraphy


Calligraphy Close Up

For your scrutiny, please take a closer look at some of the work here at The Impeccable Pen.

calligraphy close up calligraphy close up

Cursive Calligraphy

A simple style that exhibits a care to detail all the same.

calligraphy cursive calligraphy cursive

Calligraphy Examples

A brief example of elegant lettering.

calligraphy examples calligraphy examples

Calligraphy Flourishing

"Flourishing" refers to the tails of letters, which can be extended and exaggerated as the client sees fit.

calligraphy flourishing calligraphy flourishing

Calligraphy Options

A light-hearted style is sometimes the most appropriate option for the job.

calligraphy options calligraphy options

Calligraphy Styles

Different jobs call for various criteria and reference. Here a study is made to exact the correct feel in a project.

calligraphy styles calligraphy styles

Calligraphy Wedding Cards

Some wedding cards are rough-grained, and actually provide a perfect surface for the ink to create character.

calligraphy wedding cards calligraphy wedding cards

Long Calligraphy Tails

Trunks and dips in the individual letters create different perceptions of space.

long calligraphy long calligraphy

Old English Lettering Calligraphy

Here, a more traditional style of lettering gives the feeling of antiquity and naturally foments an atmospheric sense of tradition.

old english lettering calligraphy old english lettering calligraphy

How Many Styles of Calligraphy?

If you have a particular lettering in mind, I am open to develop new styles from scratch.

styles of calligraphy styles of calligraphy

Calligraphy Handwriting

Here's an example of handwriting in calligraphy suitable for light-hearted events.

calligraphy handwriting calligraphy handwriting


There are so many style of calligraphy. Here's yet another, slightly varied from the last.

calligraphy calligraphy

Friends Forever

Calligraphy, for whatever reason, brings the quality of authenticity, making the words carry all the more weight and truth.

friends forever friends forever

Handwriting Service

A few different kinds of handwriting in the service I provide.

handwriting service handwriting service

Perfect Lettering for the Appropriate Occasion

It's always good to experiment and browse to find the perfect lettering to match your event.

perfect lettering perfect lettering

Practicing Techniques of Calligraphy

Just a snippet of a practice sheet in calligraphy.

practicing techniques calligraphy practicing techniques calligraphy

Specific Kinds of Calligraphy Lettering

Here is a very specific kind of lettering. It's more for birthday invites or other such informal events.

specific calligraphy lettering specific calligraphy lettering

Study of Calligraphy

Here is a bit of cursive with the pencil line that I use to ensure its exactness.

study calligraphy study calligraphy


Calligraphy Program

I have created a number of logos and programs for businesses to use permanently.

calligraphy program calligraphy program

Calligraphy Program

I have created a number of logos and programs for businesses to use permanently.

calligraphy program calligraphyprogram


Calligraphy Practice

A demonstration of the true grit of a calligrapher - practice makes perfect.

calligraphy practice calligraphy practice

A Letter in Calligraphy

Historical orthography always appears thusly; here it is Wellington.

calligraphy letter calligraphy letter

Calligraphy Study

Singular studies often take just as long as full projects for their attention to innovation.

calligraphy study calligraphy study

Calligraphy on a Book Spine

This wedding couple created a book of photos and I executed the book spine detail.

calligraphy book spine calligraphy book spine

Calligraphy Wedding Services

A card befitting its calligrapher :).

calligraphy wedding services calligraphy wedding services

Fine Calligraphy Lettering

Calligraphy can encompass so many styles, it's difficult to choose. I hope my work at least inspires you.

fine calligraphy lettering fine calligraphy-lettering

Birthday Invitation

Here is a stylized an decorated birthday invitation that I applied my calligraphy to.

birthday invitation birthday invitation

Calligraphy Birthday Card

In this example of a birthday card, the tone is much more classy and simple, indicating a more formal occasion.

calligraphy birthday card calligraphy birthday card

Calligraphy Christmas Card

Families often choose to send out Christmas cards. Why not send something simple, elegant, but not want for holiday spirit?

calligraphy christmas card calligraphy christmas card

Calligraphy Menu

A menu for all occasions, which provides that forewarning of good taste.

calligraphy menu calligraphy menu

Calligraphy Practice Work

A sheet showing some practicing I do.

calligraphy practice work calligraphy practice work

Calligraphy Invitation to a Regatta

There's no limit to the calligrapher's mandate.

calligraphy regatta calligraphy regatta

Dazzling Calligraphy

The right atmosphere brings a piece of calligraphy to life.

dazzling calligraphy dazzling calligraphy

Folded Calligraphy Poem

An example of how a longer piece can be incorporated into one piece of stationery.

folded calligraphy poem folded calligraphy poem

Calligraphy for Honorable Mentions

Any accomplishment is made timeless in paper.

honorable mention calligraphy honorable mention calligraphy
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